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IMG00074The EQ team hosted a training event that extended over a period of two and a half days (22nd – 24th October 2009) and was presented by two representatives of the British organization People First.

Mike Le-Surf is a highly experienced trainer in the field of self-advocacy for those with disabilities. His colleague, James Hamilton, is, in fact, disabled: he has Down’s Syndrome. James is an articulate self-advocate and his account of how close family, friends and supporters cooperate to help him to make personal choices, maximize his independence and lead a full and rewarding life was uplifting and inspiring.

The participants included selected members of the EQ staff, representatives of both the Child Protection Department and the municipal authority, staff and students from Ruse University’s occupational therapy progamme and some clients of the complex whose lives are affected by disability.

The proceedings were informal, highly interactive and culminated in the creation of a wall-chart that now hangs proudly in the reception area at the Pink House. It reflects a plethora of ideas about steps to take towards enriching the lives of the seven youngsters in our care by improving and expanding the contact between them and the surrounding community.