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IMG_2859Our young clients in the centre for street children have made new friends from the Prista outdoor club. Club members like to get children involved in simple tasks that show respect for the natural world and help protect the flora and fauna. The task on this occasion involved making bird feeders.

But it isn’t just a matter of knocking together a feeder from bits and pieces of material. It’s important to understand the habits of the birds they are designed for. The children were eager to learn.

Inevitably, the most exciting part of the day involved installing the feeders on the trees in the yard at the complex. We now have great opportunities for bird watching and photography and also the pleasant obligation of making sure each feeder is stocked with seed s throughout the winter.

The activities with the children were part of a bigger initiative involving environmental protection and sustainable development with a special focus on the islands in the River Danube.

Great stuff and thanks for getting us involved.