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Our ‘’Sustainable Families 2” project was funded by the Iris programme that supports projects of civil society, community centres and initiative groups to help vulnerable children and their families whose lives are made worse by COVID 19.

The programme was established on the initiative of a Bulgarian donor forum, a National Children’s Network and the Workshop for Civic Initiatives and is managed by the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation.

The EQ project is a continuation of the activities in support of 104 families – 421 people / 222 children, 84 men and 115 women. The programme allowed us to respond timeously to crises arising from the circumstances of the pandemic. The support provided was tailored to the needs of each family and it included food products, special formula milk for babies, diapers and baby consumables and firewood. We paid for a variety of medical / dental interventions, purchased two stoves, two tablets for the educational needs of three children, notebooks, stationery and distributed personal protective equipment and hygiene consumables.

We helped some families with utility bills as well as specific services e.g. specialized support for dyslexia and speech therapy.

Two brochures were developed and distributed by the team

  1. Prevention of infection with COVID 19
  2. Coping with essential aspects of child development in the first year of life during the pandemic

 In the course of the project, 80 psychological counseling sessions were provided. These helped to reduce anxiety, to overcome family problems, to answer the challenges of childcare and difficulties related to the Covid crisis in the country, to deal with social exclusion and isoloation.

We have recorded numerous expressions of gratitude and encouragement to continue doing good and helping those in dire need.