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Fifi is a diminutive from Feydan. It is how our little hurricane is generally named because her disposition so easily provokes affection.

Everyone wants to hug Fifi.

Fifi, the Hurricane.

When she came to us from Shumen the prognosis was anything but encouraging. It was 2014 and she was eight years old and inclined towards self-harm. In fact, she is now almost blind because of the harm she has inflicted on herself when isolated and starved of stimulation.

Today, aged 15, Fifi is growing in self-sufficiency. She is mobile, mischievous and a veritable force of nature.

Fifi, the Hurricane.

The team at the Pink House composed a poem in her honour:

Feydan is like a hurricane –

lovely like the summer rain,

mighty like the ocean.

Her eyes are full of joy!

The smile on her face

Reminds us what happiness is.

There is nothing else to wish for,

Just for this magic to last longer.
fills our hearts with grace.

The sweet sound of her footsteps

But her joyful presence hasn’t always been so bright –

it flourishes only when watered with love and light.

The love of those who are for the forgotten kids the lighthouse,

and have left pieces of their souls in the “Pink house”.