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On May 29, 2021, for the third consecutive year, the Ruse complex organised “Stork Day” – the day when adopted children are welcomed into the home and hearts of their parents. The celebration was attended by specialists from the centre of social support –  social workers and psychologists – adoptive parents and their adopted children, as well as prospective adoptive parents who are eagerly waiting for their own “Stork Day”.  

To create a positive atmosphere, the team from centre of social support created a festive atmosphere – decorations, various entertainments, treats, surprises and gifts. The celebration started with the presentation of the book “The path of adoption – the existential experience of an adopter” by its author and active member of the mutual aid group Dr. Pavlin Petrov. 

All participants, young and old, took part in the pavement drawing competition on the theme “My family”. The children were the most active and happy during the competition games, in which the teams measured their strength and skills. The young participants showed their perseverance and curiosity in the race for the treats hidden in the “Pinata”. 

As the festivities drew to a close, all the children received diplomas from the drawing competition and bracelets with the symbol of the holiday – a stork – which were given to the prospective adoptive families with the wish that the next “Stork Day” to be with their child. 

As befits any clebration, there was a large cake provided by NGO Equilibrium for all participants in the celebration.