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Y3AHA (1)This is the second year in which Equilibrium has taken part in the ecological festival that is staged dramatically in alpine meadows high above the city of Gabrovo.

The festival attracts all sort of participants – NGOs, performance artists and commercial businesses – whose operations are to a greater or lesser extent dedicated to nature conservation, ecological practices / education or conservancy.

This provides Equilibrium with two opportunities – fundraising and public relations / communication.

Our team arrived in Uzana on 12th July in a convoy of cars laden with equipment and products for sale. Besides the craftwork that has become one of Equilibrium’s staples, we were also intent on selling organic honey and a large selection of dried herbs (accompanied by instructions about how to use them and their therapeutic properties). Everything had been manufactured or provided by the team at Ruse’s social services complex and a host of volunteers – a gargantuan effort for which we are very grateful. Over the weekend of 13th-14th July, Our sales team braved the strange combination of blistering sunshine and strong winds to make over 700 leva in profit.

On Sunday afternoon, assisted by teenage volunteers , David Bisset drew an audience into one of the several marquees with the final presentation in a progamme devised by the festival organizers. It was a fitting finale – David drew on research in the fields of child development and intelligence theory, to support a passionate plea for a return to dynamic outdoor play and exploration of the natural world.

Participation in the festival wins us lots of new friends and supporters from around Bulgaria and forges new relationships with like-minded organizations. Hard work, but well worth the effort!