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Implementation period: September 2011 – April 2012

Source of funding: Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe and Open Society – Sofia

Role of the organization: in a consortium partnership with “Open Society Club – Ruse” and Equestrian Club BTB – Ruse (lead)


Hippotherapy involves the use of horse riding as a therapeutic / rehabilitative treatment that improves coordination, balance, and strength. It also provides the opportunity for children, parents and professional carers to mix in an unconventional setting where children can enjoy a rich variety of new (sensory) experiences.


The formation of new local partnerships and the joint exploration of the potential of opening a new avenue for working with children at risk


  • Assessment of capacity / needs of children that EQ works with – Pink House & complex for social services
  • Phased introduction of children to the new environment and gentle formation of relationship between children and animals
  • Programme of hippotherapy sessions
  • Open Day at the equestrian centre – parents and members of the childcare community


  • 6 children with severe and complex disabilities from the Pink House + 5 children with disabilities from EQ’s early intervention programme received 10 sessions of hippotherapy: physical therapy and social opportunity
  • 10 children from centre for street children received 24 sessions of hippotherapy: social rehabilitation


As a pilot exercise, this revealed the significant benefits associated with the formation of working partnerships between formal providers of social services and philanthropic organisations