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Implementation period: February 2017 – June 2018 – Completed

Source of funding: National Network for Children

Role of the organization: partner organization with “Hristo Botev” middle school, city of Kubrat

Achieved results:

The main objective of the project was the development of the “Hristo Botev” School, city of Kubrat, as a community and its transformation into an open and multifunctional center. The NGO of “Equilibrium”, through its moderator – Plamena Stefanova – supported the school in the development and implementation of the work philosophy. She helped to develop the resource materials of the project and contributed to the coordination and monitoring of the activities in the selected schools.

Achieved goals:

  1. The children from the school as well as the pedagogical staff have achieved the best possible results;
  2. “Equilibrium” helped directly and through its moderator for the development and application of the philosophy and values ​​of a community school. The NGO has played an important role in the communication process with stakeholders in the local community and in the support of schools to be able to meet their individual goals outlined in their long-term development plans. An important job for “Equilibrium” was to encourage interaction between schools and member organizations of the Network and to help promote community schools through their contacts and communication channels.
  3. “Equilibrium” held trainings for children – for acquiring skills for expressing their own opinions; for parents – multiple Intelligence training – the key to success for reaching every child; for teachers – fundraising training. In the course of the project, the qualitative change that took place in the school was the process of experimenting with different activities that were unusual for the school. For example, the training of parents of future first-graders was very beneficial for both parents and teachers. The knowledge of the types of intelligence that parents and teachers acquired during the training gave them the opportunity to look for alternative methods of learning with children. The task for adults is to discover and promote the child’s strengths. Parents had the opportunity to analyze not only themselves but also their children.
  4. The moderator of “Equilibrium” helped in the process of preparing a plan for work of the “Hristo Botev” school in the city of Kubrat. Together with the school team, parents, students and others, they chose the most appropriate trainings and exchange visits with different schools. During the entire project, the moderator has made eight school visits to support the implementation of the work plan.
  5. Creating the online platform “School-happening”, which aims to stimulate the exchange of experience, resources and good practices both inside and outside the website and to provide opportunities for access to good practices, different resource materials and workers’ know-how to the educational system specialists and their partners.