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At the beginning of the new year (2017) Equilibrium and Ruse Municipality signed a new contract for the management of the complex in Ruse.

After winning the competition for service providers in the complex, the organization renewed their contractual relationship with the Municipality for five more years (2017 – 2020).

The Complex for Social Services for Children and Families – Ruse includes: Centre for Social Support with an emergency unit, Centre for Street Children and Centre for Family-Type Accommodation for Children and Young People with Disabilities “The Pink House”.

Equilibrium has been managing the services in the complex since 2009 and has succeeded in establishing itself as a high-quality service provider not only in the region but also at a national and international level.

In recent years, a large number of the activities in the complex have been recognized by the professional community as good practices in the field of interinstitutional cooperation, DI, the prevention of children abandonment, early intervention concerning problems with child development, child and youth participation, fundraising, etc.

The models, programs and principles of Equilibrium, applied in the complex, underpin the planned measures for the execution of the updated Action Plan for the implementation of the National Strategy “Vision for the deinstitutionalization of children in Bulgaria”, adopted by Council of Ministers’ decree № 859 from 13.10.2016.

The practices of Equilibrium in the Centre for Social Support are enshrined in the new vision for the reformation of these services throughout the country so they can be as qualitative, effective and efficient as possible. Examples of this include the programs applied for years and developed by Equilibrium on its own initiative and over the minimum standards for service provision namely: our work on prevention of baby abandonment together with the Child Protection Department and under one of the very few agreements in the country between Equilibrium as a service provider, the Social Assistance Regional Directorate, the Social Assistance Directorate and Ruse Regional Hospital. This model is multiplied in some regions in Bulgaria with the support of Equilibrium. Another example, embedded in the updated Action Plan “Vision for the deinstitutionalization of children in Bulgaria, is the model for working with the families of children at risk, which has been applied for years by Equilibrium in the Centre for Social Support – field work with innovative methods and techniques and material support for the families in crisis situations for them

Once again, Equilibrium thanks all our partners and associates, the institutions in Ruse, the Ruse Municipality for their trust. We include the people of Ruse themselves who support all our initiatives, for their trust, help and donations without which this quality and the leading position of our organization wouldn’t have been possible.