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In July, there was an exciting happening in the Roma neighborhood “Trakcia” in Ruse. Children and parents were curious and enthusiastic about it.

Twice a month the NGO of “Equilibrium”, in partnership with the Municipality of Ruse, organizes event groups for children and parents. The activities take place with great interest and active participation by the residents in the neighborhood with all their children.

Kids and adults are excited by the next event. They will be able to play and create together, to show what they can do and what they know; they are excited to learn new things.

The big plush toy “Biberoncho” was accepted as a friend by the children and each group session started with it. This month, both children and parents presented their talents under the slogan “”Trakcia” Looking for Talent”, for which they had been specially prepared. And they all got deserved admirations!

The activities are organized within the framework of the project “Integrated Approach of the Municipality of Ruse for the Integration of Roma and Other Vulnerable Groups on the Territory of the Municipalities of the Ruse District”, implemented under the “ZOV” Program of the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Program.