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For a second year in a row, a team of experts from the Centre for Social Support in Ruse and participants in the support group for candidate-adoptive parents, adoptive parents, adopted children and many friends of adoption got involved in the initiative of the Bulgarian Association “Adopted and Adopters” /BAAA/ Stork Day – the day in which the child meets his / her parents.

We celebrated one of the most important events for adoption on 12th May, 2019 with a children’s party in Complex Lipite, situated in Lipnik, Nikolovo /Teketo/. United by the idea that the process of adoption should not be secret, children and adults played and had fun together. With incredible child enthusiasm, many dads and mums played together with their children – “Run, run, mouse, the cat will catch you”, “Open the gates, King”, they danced and sang. The youngest ones turned into their favourite cartoon characters with the help of face paints and pastels, while the bigger ones got colourful tattoos.  

Each child received a present – a magnet with a stork, and everybody was treated with a piece of the enormous cake!

Our team believes that this year we helped as many children and their parents as possible to feel happy and proud about adoption.