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1 (2)The children, with whom Equilibrium works, are looking forward to the summer camps and the summer activities at the Complex for Social Services.

Some of the kids from CSC (Centre for Street Children) are already at the seaside in Tyulenovo for a week. Right after they are back, refreshed and recharged with positive emotions, the rest of the children from CSC will go there.

The North Black Sea coast awaits the children with disabilities from the Pink house, too. Some of them, who need special care and rehabilitation will be taken to a sanatorium in Pomorie, according to the Act on Integration of Disabled People and the implementing rules that give the opportunity for this to happen through ASS.

The children and young adults from the two small-group homes “Love” and “Hope” will also enjoy the seaside in Tyulenovo. Outdoor recreation in park Lipnik in Ruse is organized for them. The children felt wonderful the last time they were there.

The children, participants in the EQ clubs, devoted to child rights in three schools in Ruse (“Toma Kardjiev”, “Prof. Veselin Stojanov” and “Vasil Aprilov”), decided to continue meeting during the summer vacation.

The summer holiday programme at the Complex starts on 11th July and will continue until 31st August. There will be different workshops under the guidance of trained experts.

1 (1)Entertaining workshop” – every Monday from 10.00 to 11.00. In this club the children can do different kinds of things, connected to pictorial and applied arts such as applique, clay modeling, work with natural materials, quilling, decoupage, handmade articles out of waste materials, etc.

In the world of books and literature” every Tuesday from 11.00  to  12.00 . In every person there is а creator. In this club we will try to provoke the creator in every child. We would like to attract as many book lovers as possible. The workshop will give the participants the opportunity to compose poems, riddles and stories, and part of the sessions will be in “Zahari Stoyanov” community centre.

Natural history and sports” – every Tuesday from 10.00 to 11.00. In this workshop the children will have the opportunity to immerse in the boundless world of Nature, to get to know different species, to take care of the flower and herb garden, and to plant a flower of their own. Here the children can play their favourite games, learn the rules of group sports, play and have fun as a team. The club will organize excursions in and around the city.

Teach me how” – every Wednesday from 11.00 to 12.00. Regional Health Inspection – Ruse is responsible for the activities in this club. The children will be taught healthy feeding, safe street crossing, environment protection, dental care, as well as what is Safe Internet and tolerance. The main working methods will be interactive games and multimedia presentations.

1 (3)Yoga” – every Wednesday from 12.00 to 13.00. Yoga is an ancient practice for achieving full physical, spiritual and moral health, and a way of reaching harmony with ourselves and the others. By means of yoga we take care of our body and mind as we touch our spirit, which charges us with energy and harmonizes our life, makes us happier, relaxed and successful. The inclusion of Yoga in the clubs’ programme aims at helping the children overcome emotions such as anger, remorse, guilt, envy, fear, and teaches them how to handle stress situations with self-control.

Fashion and jewelry” – every Thursday from 10.00 to 11.00. Desiring to be creative, we will offer the participants the opportunity to be genuine in the making of different unconventional fashion ideas – clothes from recycled materials, cloths, useless clothes, etc. We will make jewelry from different materials. These activities will give the children the opportunity to train their fine motor skills, to make friends, to exchange ideas and to generate creative inspiration.

Music and dances” – every Friday from 11.00 to 12.00. This is the right place for children who like folk, contemporary, Latin and all kind of dynamic dances. They will be trained by professional dancers.

It is summer – time for games and adventures for everyone.