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Project 1. “Tactile Workshop for Equal Opportunities in the Community”
Implementation period: April 2019 – April 2020
Source of funding: Vivacom Program and Bulgarian Center for Non-Profit Law
Role of the organization: Contractor
Overall goal of the project:
The main goal of the project is to improve the social inclusion of vulnerable members of the community, by extending their social experience with the art, cultural and historical heritage of Ruse. Also to improve the sensitivity of community members from an early age through personal experience, awareness and acceptance of differences.
Specific objectives:
The idea is to create a tactile exhibition of the most iconic cultural and historical monuments in Ruse in the Regional Museum of History, which will be viewed by young and adults, regardless of their capabilities, through interactive sessions. There will be 5 tactile models (with more key details) of buildings and monuments that will be known by touch. Works of art by local authors will also be provided, also suitable for touching. In an entertaining and attractive way, information about objects will be provided. The methods will be suitable for children and adults with different social and health status (disabled, blind, healthy, from marginalized communities). In this way, everyone will be equally involved, driven by the inherent curiosity of all people and the desire to have fun. Children and adults with disabilities will be successfully involved in the cultural and historical heritage as well as in contemporary art. Those without difficulties will be placed in situations that will help them understand how people with sensory or cognitive impairments feel. Within the project, the exhibition will visit children from kindergartens and schools, from social services, including the blind, from marginalized neighborhoods. The museum’s animators will be trained to make sensitizing sessions, and the exhibition will remain in the museum in order to be available to all people in the city and beyond.
Expected results:
We expect to create a new exposition with social functions, which we call a tactile workshop for equal opportunities in the Regional Museum of History – Ruse.
Visiting specially developed interactive sessions that will help children and adults with disabilities or minority groups to get to know the most iconic cultural and historical landmarks. This project will help to improve their self-esteem, mobility and autonomy – prerequisites for better participation in life in the community.
Developing empathy among children and people without difficulties – will be placed in the “shoes” of the less privileged members of the community and through awareness of their own feelings, will develop empathy and greater tolerance. Improving the social cohesion of the community in the city, because experiencing the exhibition in a very emotional way will touch the hearts of all.