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On September 13, 2020, the yard of the Complex for social services for children and families was transformed in an arena for talented children who use social services at the centre for street children (at the complex for social services). The occasion was announced in advance – farewell to the strangest and most different summer!

To start, the participants – the children and their parents, greeted each other and shared their favourite activities.

This was followed by a presentation of the summer club program, with each club associated with the its most emblematic goals, activities and results. Parents and children had the opportunity together to make a picture out of play-dough, solve a crossword puzzle, play and have fun. The children proudly presented a Rainbow tale and a song. Together they came to the conclusion that all people are different, have different interests, desires, talents, intelligences and abilities. The children showed their parents their Personal Books “My Successes”, which they fill in the Centre and greeted them with performances of poems, riddles and songs. The children received unique and personal diplomas, notebooks, school gifts and treats. The celebration was held at compliance with all guidelines for anti-epidemic measures.

We hope the new school year is successful and complete! Good luck, kids!