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The team of the Center for Street Children (CRDU) at the Complex for Social Services for

Children and Families joined the national campaign “To be a father”, accepting the challenge

of the Parents Association titled “The connection is important”, celebrating on 21.06. 2020

International Father’s Day.

In compliance with the anti-epidemic measures, a special holiday dedicated to fatherhood and

parental care was prepared for the users of the social service – children, mothers and fathers.

From the very beginning, the participants were provoked to think about the most valuable

things in their lives, and what they shared was very emotional. Children and adults joined forces

in a scout task and learned to tie some of the most popular Scout knots – Guide, Rescue and

Friendship Knot, which recreate caring for each other, mutual trust, respect, support, a strong

connection between them and the opportunity for the children to be independent with their

parents’ support. Participants were also provoked to seek an answer to the question “How

strong is their relationship?” in a series of interactive games and entertainment.

The day becomes a traditional holiday at the initiative of the Parents Association