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12294922_10207574887150813_5646462560359841036_nThis is the second season of the culinary competition “On the tip of a knife” and Valeria Nikolova, a social worker from the Ruse complex was a competitor on Saturday at The Balkan folk restaurant.

Valeria was invited to participate by the event organizers – the vocational school for tourism and catering, the Chef’s Club and the proprietor of the Balkan restaurant.

Eight amateur chefs from Ruse and Veliko Tarnevo were paired with students from the school and, together with Antonina Georgieva, Valeria faced the challenge of cooking against the clock. The recipe was a pie containing mascarpone cheese, turkey breast and green onions”. We’ve tried it – it’s fabulous.

The event provided an opportunity to show how adults and teenagers can work together productively.