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On the 03rd of October 2018 children, parents and the team of “Equilibrium” celebrated the 13th birthday of the Complex for Social Services for Children and Families in Ruse.

At the beginning of the party, the story of the complex was told – how it emerged and the road that it “walked” in support of families, children and young people. A salute to all the guests was made by Mrs. Svetla Mejri, Director of the Complex. She urged the children to be stubborn and to follow their dreams. Mrs. Mejri wished for the team to remain committed to their work.

The celebration continued with fun racing games, involving not only the children but also the parents and the team of the complex. The most challenging of the games was called “Challenge Balloons”. In this game each participant selected a balloon and after bursting it, they had to perform the challenge “hidden in it”, while singing a song; performing a dance; solving a mathematical task; making a sentence and more. The festive program ended with songs and a treat for everyone – a delicious cake.