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The youngsters from the family-type Centers for Children and Young People with Disabilities, “Love” and “Hope” – Ruse, again had the chance and the pleasure to enjoy summer adventures in the green forests of the “Lipnik” park and the sea near Tyulenovo.

The boys and girls from the two houses spent two unforgettable weeks in August in a camp at the recreation base of the Ruse Municipality in the “Lipnik” Forest Park in the village of Nikolovo. In the morning they were awakened by the songs of the early birds with the warm sun waiting for them outside. The flashing waters of the lake with the water lilies and the squirrels on the branches of the fir trees awakened their faces with new emotions, astonishment and curiosity. They walked through the cool forest feeling their friend’s friendly hand, making their step more confident. There was a lot of laughter and ball games. They were swinging and listening with interest to the tales we read. The gentle babysitters took care of the youngsters forgetting the fatigue they were feeling and walking on strange walks to get to know the forest.

For a consecutive year, the youngsters also visited the sea base of “Equilibrium” in the village of Tyulenovo, enjoying the sun rays and the sea breeze.

For all of them the meeting with the sea and the walks were filled with pleasant emotions and experiences. The newly constructed playground with a variety of fitness equipment gave them great pleasure. They tested each one of them. For some, it was the first meeting with the sea, but they weren`t scared by the water or the sand. The others, like old friends, were delighted with the “familiar waters” and made interesting sand figures on the beach.

The youngsters returned rested, with tan and positive emotions, charged with a lot of energy for the beginning of the school year.

The separation from the summer days was difficult, but the hope that they will see the sea again next year will keep them warm until next time.

We would like to thank once again for the cooperation of the Municipality of Ruse and personally for Mr. Stoilov`s assistance – the mayor of Rousse Municipality. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy the holiday in the base of the “Lipnik” park. These summer days provide the young adults not only with diversity in their days but also with many new impressions that help them develop new skills and affect their mental states.