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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Ruse branch of the Red Cross is the contractor of the project “Programme for the provision of services and support to children and young people leaving social institutions.”

The project involves training in safety and first aid for foster parents. At the invitation of Equilibrium and the foster care team of the Ruse Municipality project “I have a family,” the Red Cross young volunteers supported the first aid training by organising action packed activities with the foster children while the adults participated in the training session. In addition the volunteers offered to cater for the foster children while the adults take part in the monthly top up trainings at the Complex.

The aim of the programme was to provide family members with life-saving skills and the ability to deal with emergencies when and where they occur until emergency services arrive. The 6-hour training involved lecture material, demonstration, practical exercises and the opportunity for discussion. The lecturer was Dr. Svilen Docev, a highly experienced pediatrician.

On April 26th, Youth Cross Youth organized pavement art and a picnic in the yard of the social services complex for a large group of children including those in foster children.

Young Red Cross volunteers invited all the children and parents to an event to be held at the complex on May 31st in celebration of the Day of the Child and it promises to be full of happy surprises.