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The generous donations from the courier company as well as the amount, collected by the employees themselves, were provided for specific needs in the social services managed by “Equilibrium”.

A laundry machine and a dryer were purchased for the needs of the children of the “Pink House”. At present we are taking care of twelve children with disabilities, some of whom are with us since the closure of the home at Mogilino, while others are from the closed House for Medical and Social care in Shumen.

Twenty-eight new chairs for young people and disabled girls from “Love” and “Nadezhda” were purchased with the donations. The chairs are much more comfortable and appropriate, considering the condition and behavior of the young people.

The donations also allowed the purchase of new mattresses for the “Mother and Baby” unit at the United Children’s Services “Slancho”. In the same place, but at the family-type placement center for children with disabilities requiring constant medical care a few months ago, DHL Expres employees purchased heaters that allow optimizing the temperature for the children.

There were also Christmas gifts for the children from the groups with whom we work in the “Aleko Konstantinov” and “Bratya Miladinovi” schools, but the biggest gift was the wonderful Christmas performance of the Ruse puppet theater, thanks to DHL Expres, for all children using the services of “Equilibrium”. The little ones received a fabulous experience and many gifts at the Christmas party in the social complex on December 21st.

We believe in the good because it happens constantly around us and we thank everyone who does it for the children and families we support – it gives them much hope and more optimism about their own future.

Thank you, DHL Expres! Thank you for your generosity and trust!