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The past year has not been easy for many. People lost their health, loved ones, jobs, security. Many families, broken by the mounting calamities, sank into poverty, not only in the material sense, but also in the sense that involves the  breaking of the spirit.

Patience, compassion, empathy and support are among the treasures provided by the centre for social support situated at the Ruse complex for social services for children and families and managed by Equilibrium. Each of the people who have chosen to work here carry this treasure in their hearts and distribute it. This is not just a centre, but twelve people in one body. Here, all year round, psychologists, social workers and a medical assistant try to build the foundations of healthy families with happy children, and despite the difficulties and pain sometimes, they find meaning and desire to continue.

The clients of the centre are people in need, looking for support and help to get to their feet. Many young people who want to reach their potential but do not know how find solace here. Over the past year, many families who have lost hope of raising their children, feeding them, keeping them warm, healing them and celebrating the holidays have found light with us. Here the Christmas lights do not only shine at this time of year, but light can be found every day. And it comes from understanding and accepting the differences and needs that these twelve dedicated people give. Sometimes noisy, sometimes quiet, sometimes they cry for themselves, for others, but they are there and still stubbornly believe that the world can be a better place.

There is no day or hour for human pain. In such a difficult time, each member of the team is there for the person in need. More than once, social workers have sacrificed their weekends and time with their families to benefit their clients showing courage and total professionalism. Each is a unique individual but they have found a connection to one another.

The general opinion is that there are people in social services who are pen-pushers or desk-bound. And the truth is that these are dedicated team players possessing courage and compassion.

Despite the difficulties and hardships they face, they continue and find meaning. Because everyone is one, they fight and follow one mission. The work has no value if it is not backed by a good and cohesive team. Even if it is done perfectly and with a successful result, the human factor is always in force, as well as the love which supports each action.