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Within a period of 5 months (June-November 2020) 74 families were supported, a total of 313 people – o171 children, 80 women and 62 men. During the period funding was spent on – food, hygiene materials, diapers, formula mik, thermometers, personal protective equipment and supplies for babies, school supplies and materials, firewood, utility costs incurred as a result of extreme poverty of families and loss of income as a result of Covid 19. More specific support was also provided – purchased medicines, stove, inhaler, costs for referring children to specific services (Dyslexia Center, medical examinations, reproductive health, etc.). All members of the care team were provided with the necessary personal protective equipment.

The team provided 36 psychological consultations to the families based on a need-based assessment for overcoming family problems, challenges in childcare, as well as difficulties related to the Covid – 19 crisis in the country eg social isolation etc…

For the period June – November 2020, 71 samples of feedback from the supported families were collected. An analysis of the feedback (appendix) was prepared, which shows a high percentages of satisfaction with the family support provided by the Iris programme. The analysis also shows high trust in the project team – the families appreciate the emotional and psychological support provided to them. 36.6% of the supported families share that “Everything” that was provided to them as support was important and necessary for them. 21% report that the most important for them were the donated food products. The remaining 42.4% give extended and specific answers, which include the overall interaction with the team, emotional support, advice and counseling: “communication with the team”, “assistance”, “attention to my daughter and me”, “school support, advice , sharing, wood ”,“ the conversations that have a calming effect on the psyche and essential products ”, etc. The more specific support is also taken into account – paid household bills, purchased medicines, stove, inhaler, etc. Several users commented that the donated masks to prevent coronavirus were also very useful. Families with young children have identified special formula products, diapers, medicines and baby cosmetics that help them take adequate care of their babies.