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SNIMKA_S_COP_PAVLIKENIOn 30rd June 2011, the Ruse Complex for Social Services was visited by a team from the Pavlikeni Complex to exchange experience.

Mr. Alexander Alexiev, the Director of the CSS in Pavlikeni, presented his colleagues and their work in :

  • Day Centre for Disabled Children
  • Family Type Centre (FTC)
  • Centre for Social Support
  • Home for Mentally Retarded Children
  • Home for Elderly People

Our guests were shown around the Complex and made aware of all the activities carried out by the Ruse CSS team of experts. They were impressed with the soft-play room and other facilities for our smaller clients as well as by the arts and crafts made in the different clubs.

At the meeting of the two CSS teams the Director of the Ruse CSS – Mrs. Milena Vlahova presented the social services and the different types of group work. We exchanged ideas and shared experience in social work and social support provided in the community. Ruse CSS team were interested in the fact that CSS Pavlikeni work closely with the Centre for Foster Care in Veliko Tarnovo during the period of the assessment of foster families and also support them after placement of a foster child.

The Pavlikeni FTC team visited our Pink House. The visitors were impressed not only with the organization of the work with the children, but also with the interior of the house. They were interested in the sensory garden and took lots of pictures of everything in it.