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IMG00052In February 2010 the Ruse complex hosted a visit by six guests representing organizations that are collaborating in the creation of a family-type home in Novo Selo, near the city of Vidin in northwest Bulgaria.

Members of the local authority were accompanied by partners from two non-profit organizations – “Equal opportunities for children at risk” (Novo Selo) and the Free youth centre in Vidin. The visit took place within the terms of a joint project – “Securing a better future for children” – under the Operational Programme for the development of Human Resources (Grant scheme BG051PO001-5.2.03)

Our visitors are dealing with the difficult task of creating an alternative social service for the majority of the children placed in the “Hristo Botev” institution in the village of Novo Selo. In combination with the provision of a family-type environment in which to live, the children will be helped to develop independent living skills and to form meaningful social and family relationships.

Our visitors were particularly interested in our style of case management – documentation, procedures, policies, work schedules and also the day-to-day operation of our Centre for Street Children as much of what happens in this facility resembles a type of service they intend to develop under their project. They were therefore keen to see the facilities and resources we use on an almost daily basis and to talk with our team about how to organize daily activities within larger programmes of work undertaken with both individual children and youth groups. We demonstrated the planning and implementation or programmes – educational, social, psychological and recreational – and showed how we help children develop their talents and competencies.

Our guests expressed their admiration for the informal yet highly professional working environment created by Equilibrium and our partner Open Society Club, Ruse.