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On a monthly basis, members of the team at the complex meet with representatives of the city’s educational community – teachers, educational psychologists and pedagogical advisors.

This ‘resource group’ provides a very important interface between the two disciplines of social welfare and education. Significant issues are discussed and know-how is transferred.

‘Vassil Levski’ in Ruse is one of the biggest schools in the Balkans and members of the staff attend the resource group. In the lead-up to the festive break that started on 24th December, 2009 specialists from the complex met with three groups of children from the school representing different age groups: 1-4 grade, 5-8 grade and 9-11 grade. Following these preliminary sessions, a team has been put together to design and present a full programme of workshops that are expected to extend over several months. By this means, our team will apply its expertise to help the teaching staff address the issue of challenging behaviour among the school population. It is likely that 70-80 children will be involved in the programme.

A series of adult workshops has been designed to run in parallel with the work with the children. These will provide those who participate in the resource group meetings with an overview of contemporary thinking on the issue of disruptive behaviour both in the classroom and in the larger context of working with groups of children (youth work, informal education and structured recreation).