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BYMBE Project – “Bringing Young Mothers Back to Education” – Completed

Implementation period: September 2017 – August 2019

Source of funding: “Erasmus +” Program – Key Axis 2 – The European Commission’s Strategic Partnership for Adult Learning

Role of the organization: partner

Specific objectives: The project aims to create training tools to support the work of social workers, teachers and trainers to help young mothers between the ages of 15 and 25 turn back to education or work again by providing them education.

Performed over the two-year project period:

  • Report on National Education and Support Services for Young Mothers in Partner Countries
  • A set of methods of intervention to attract young mothers to the program;
  • Trained 2 Social workers from the Association of “Equilibrium”, in order to work with young mothers;
  • Orientation Package – developed by BYMBE;
  • A design of a Motivation Package for young mothers – developed by BYMBE;
  • A design for a Support Package for young mothers in the training process – developed by BYMBE;
  • 5 mothers from the project target group from Ruse were trained;
  • 5 mothers from the project target group returned to education.

The young mothers, who participated in the project activities, took part in a learning process that helped them in their personal and professional growth by giving them access to training seminars, guidance and counseling with social workers and trainers and turning them back to education.