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On 10th April, Equilibrium hosted an event in the conference hall of Byala municipality.

It was an ideal venue where we could talk to a local audience about the work we do in Byala, explain the support provided from our Ruse headquarters and set everything in the context of Equilibrium’s mission to empower families and create stronger communities.

Members of the local team gave short presentations explaining the work done in the centre for social rehabilitation and teenagers from the small-group home helped reveal the quality of care they receive and how they are being helped to discover their talents and shape their personal futures.

Milena Vlahova, operations director at the Ruse complex for social support of children and families gave a presentation that explained the ethos underlying the working practices of the rehabilitation centre. Using live puppet theatre and a short film recorded in Ruse, our team showed how we help youngsters find their voice in public. We’d especially like to thank our social worker, Valeria Nikolova for the inspirational leadership she provided to the children from “Ivan Vassov” elementary school.

The deputy-mayor of Byala, Evgenii Dimov expressed his personal support for Equilibrium’s work in Byala while Kristina Georgieva (regional directorate of social services) applauded our innovative approaches to delivery of social services across the Ruse region.

Members of the Equilibrium senior management team were on hand to support the Byala team and talk to guests.