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The Ruse Family type-center, or as we all know it – the Pink House, is both family and the only home for 11 children with severe disabilities.

Seven of the children used to live in the notorious Mogilino institution, one child came from an institution in Ruse and another three babies – from the Ruse infant home.

There are a lot of people who take part in the care of the children – staff of the Social Services Complex, interns from the Ruse University, volunteers and friends of EQ. Together with the “Open Society Club” – Ruse we provide services in the Complex and the Pink House.

We are very proud to welcome another generous friend who joined us a couple of months ago.

At the initiative of its owners “DS catering” provides the food of the children in the Pink House for two weeks of every month.

The state financing for the type of service the Pink House is, turns out to be extremely insufficient. That’s why such in-kind support allows EQ as a provider of the service to allocate funds for additional activities for the children and to ensure their summer holiday – also with the help of fundraising through different campaigns.

DS catering proves once again that business can be socially responsible and compassionate. We believe good people and good example are not extinct in our country despite the crisis and the unstable situation!