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Our programmes are tailored for your needs but they always focus on adventure and play as the keys to forming genuine collaborative relationships at work.

Groups are led by experts in outdoor pursuits and natural history on the one side and positive, creative management coaches on the other. You could say that we offer a well-rounded experience. We are headquartered in Ruse in Bulgaria’s Danube region but we also work with small groups at the Black Sea in an area… Continue reading

The Ruse Family type-center, or as we all know it – the Pink House, is both family and the only home for 11 children with severe disabilities.

Seven of the children used to live in the notorious Mogilino institution, one child came from an institution in Ruse and another three babies – from the Ruse infant home.

There are a lot of people who take part in the care of the children – staff of the Social Services Complex, interns… Continue reading

  • Iinteractive module ‘Institutions and Organisations of the EC’.
  • Interactive modules and presentations for children and young people in schools, their teachers and pedagogical advisers.
  • Training programme EQspert for specialists in education, health and the social sphere.
  • Organising study visits for peers from healthcare, education and the social services from Bulgaria and abroad.
  • Centre for Creativity and Youth Activism follows two avenues – ‘Music Academy’ and ‘Bold Volunteer’

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn-house training for the expert team at Ruse complex was useful and fun. “Communication skills for dealing with conflict (critical) situations” provoked creativity and a strong team spirit among the participants.

Under the guidance of psychologist, Desislava Lyasova, social workers, psychologists and educators team recalled forgotten communication skills in conflict situations and learned some advanced strategies for responding to these challenging situations as they are quite common in everyday social work.

The training was part of the annual plan of… Continue reading

COPORE (1)EQ team attended an international conference in Amsterdam. 2010 is the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion.

In this context, the international network known as COPORE (Competencies for Poverty Reduction) has been involved in a large project involving 14 partners. Included in this number is Ruse University.

A team of students from the university have been taking part in an international competition under the banner of Competencies for Poverty Reduction and this team was among the group of… Continue reading

Bulgaria’s criminal ‘insurance’ rackets of the early 1990s have been dismantled but the Neanderthal bortsi, the hired muscle, remain influential and ubiquitous.

They are widely emulated and, as a social group, they represent a highly demonstrative clan among the well to do within urban society. Their offspring strut their stuff in the corridors of the elite schools. Disembarking from upmarket, foreign cars (characteristically, jet black or crimson) at 8.15, they enter school, mobile phone glued to ear, intent on making… Continue reading