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dscn1100A sound system – two speakers with stands, two microphones and additional equipment – is a gift from friends of EQ Iliya Devedjiev and Andrey Totev. The two authors of “A little night madhouse” raised the funds during the summer when famous actor, Georgi Damyanov, took part in their play.

At an improvised event in the complex Andrey Totev told the audience about the idea of the play “A little night madhouse”.

EQ’s newest film “Child participation – easy as child’s play” was shown at the event and was broadcast using the new sound system. The film is a gift from Arena media. It was created by the children from the complex and they are the main participants in it.  

The Christmas charitable campaign under the slogan Mission “Childhood at home – love, safety, development” started with the purchase of Christmas cards made by the children with whom we work and their caregivers.

 The chairman of Equilibrium – David Bisset – thanked Ilya, Andrey and the Arena team “from the bottom of his heart” and said that the gift is very important because – as shown at the event – it helps us provide children with the chance to tell their own stories and voice their own aspirations.

The event prompted the showing of the Christmas cards and the wrapping paper for the upcoming holidays.