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V_OCUnOB (4)On September 28, 2014 we hosted the fifth annual meeting of “Friends of Adoption and Foster Care” that was attended many adopted children, adoptive parents, prospective adoptive parents, foster parents and foster children, their family and friends.

We were honoured to welcome a special guest, the authoress, Desislava Bozhkova.

The group has expanded and developed over the years having originated from an idea broached by a number of prospective adoptive parents who were our clients. It provides an opportunity to network and make friends and to share experience.

This year, the event started in an unusual way. On arrival, each family received a “pass” in which they had to finish the sentence “I and my family do best …”

In the foyer of the complex, the group participated in creative workshops in art and crafts and boisterous play. This allowed candidate foster parents to join experienced carers and children in a fun session.

And as befits a true celebration, there was a huge cake – a gift from Equilibrium.

The meeting continued with dancing and lots of fun games to the sound of music hits, as well as informal conversations between attendees adoptive parents, prospective adoptive parents, biological and foster parents, employees and guests.