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P1090524Within project ‘Closure of Teteven Baby Home and Development of Alternative Services for Children and Families’, implemented in partnership with Hope and Homes for Children UK, we have embarked on an ambitious public awareness and recruitment campaign on foster care in Lovech administrative district and several adjoining municipalities.

Village ‘road show’ – mayoral offices, directorates of social assistance and labour offices facilitate presentations delivered in community venues in key settlements. 10 presentations have been conducted between February and April, for about 70 people.

From 26th to 30th April, 2010 10 candidates for foster parents, 7 relevant child protection officers responsible for their recruitment and approval and other interested professionals from Teteven municipality received training in Teteven. This is a standardized training of 36 hours with an approved national programme, delivered by the EQ experts – Ivelina Dimitrova and Stefka Peteva. After training the candidates will proceed with their applications.