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BAKAHCUA (1)Two-day respite for foster families was organized on 26 and 27 June 2013 in Pisanets village and along the Beli Lom River.

The initiative was made possible through cooperation between Ruse’s complex for the social support of children and families and the Ruse branch of the Red Cross.

The holiday rewards the year-round hard work of 15 foster families, some of whom are included in the poject “I have a family,” run by Ruse Municipality.

Activities included a training for foster parents on “Achieving continuity and stability in the lives of foster child.” While the adults were participating, the 13 children were entertained by 12 teenage volunteers from the Red Cross.

The break was provided by the social services complex managed by Equilibrium in partnership with Open Society Club – Ruse. Funding was provided by Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria, via the Red Cross – through the project “Programme for children and young people leaving social institutions” with aid from the Velux Foundation.