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Two psychologists from Equilibrium, Nadejda Petrova and Ivaylo Minkov, started the programme for positive parenting with three consecutive training sessions for parents of children from 4th grade in “Stadiona” kindergarten in Byala.

The parents that took part in the interactive sessions worked hard and were involved in different practical exercises and work-groups. They discussed topics related to the improvement of their understanding of early childhood development and the reasons for children’s reactions and behavior. The parents were presented with positive approaches and steps that they, as parents, can use in different situations and the effective role of intensive interaction with children and the importance of play as a spontaneous way for children to learn and discover about themselves and the world.

The parents shared the ways in which they reward and encourage their children, as well as the problems they encounter as parents. All of them showed willingness for those meetings with the EQ experts to continue because they are extremely useful and necessary, especially now that their children are entering preschool age.

Our team will continue to extend and upgrade the work with the parents in Byala as a service provider of the first two children’s services in the municipality (running since June, 2016). The stated desire and the positive feedback from the parents are good reasons for us to keep on supporting them in the world of positive parenting.