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Visit by Stuart Peters, British Embassy

On 5th October, 2009, we hosted an informal visit to the social services complex by a team from the British embassy in Sofia headed by Stuart Peters, head of the Embassy’s Strategic Policy Team. The following day, Stuart and his colleagues visited the small group home in the company of representatives of the municipal authority.

Visit by Nadya Shabani, chairperson of the State Agency for Child Protection

On Tuesday 13th October, 2009, the new head of the State Agency of Child Protection attended the official opening of a new facility for disabled children and, afterwards, took the opportunity to visit both the Pink House and the main social services complex. Nadya Shabani is an old acquaintance of some of the Equilibrium team who were involved in various collaborative ventures with the Bulgarian Centre for Non-Profit Law where she used to apply her legal expertise in supporting the development of Bulgarian civil society.