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Project “Development of centres for protecting the rights of children who are in conflict with the law” |CCR|

Execution period: March 2017 – March 2018

Financial source: Velux Foundations

Role of the organization: subcontractor – a project by the National Network for Children in partnership with the Municipality of Ruse

Expected results:

  • To develop and apply models of services for children in conflict with the law;
  • To contribute fora change of the attitude of the society towards children in conflict with the law;
  • To support the development of a regional working model of the National Network for Children and its members;

Objectives: The CCR provides social services in the community for children and their families. The main things the team will work on will be prevention of criminal behaviour and support for children and their parents in order to respect their rights. The services at the CCR are innovative and community-based and are connected with all social, educational, health and all other services provided in the Municipality.

Results:  EQ participation stared on 1st March, 2017 and after the official opening on the 30th May the new social service began its direct work with clients. Currently, the team is working on 11 cases which were referred to us by different institutions from Ruse and Byala.

The children are assigned to different activities that the centre provides according to their interests. The psychologist and the social worker conduct individual consultations with the children and their parents on the basis of an appointment schedule.

A resource group will work in a network of professionals, representatives of schools in Ruse, the local police department, etc., who will hold regular meetings in the new centre for discussing /submitting cases as well as for exchanging good practices and methods for working with clients of the centre.

The services are voluntary: for self-assigned clients as well as for those who were referred by from different institutions.

The main services that the Centre will provide according to the needs of the groups:

  • To prevent specific cases – “Support to children from vulnerable families and with challenging behavior as well as preventing high risk behaviour in conflict with the law”


  • Intervention – specialized service for children who had problems with the law – “Support for children who are in a conflict with the law and children under the minimum age in order for them to have awareness of the risks and to prevent such cases in the future by joining social causes”


  • Demonstrating and working in a network with other professionals and services – “Support for overcoming the effects of violence on specific children and work on prevention of violence”


You can find detailed information on our website: www.eq-bg.org