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BenukDeH 2014 (1) (1)The herb garden in the courtyard of the ‘Zahari Stoyanov’ museum house received its first spring care from a group of miniature gardeners who devoted energy and enthusiasm to weeding allowing the sun to reach the aromatic plants.

In addition, children helped refresh the garden at the complex.

To test their brains, the young participants were asked to spot mathematical mistakes but, to their surprise, Durhan had set up the tasks in interactive format on computer so no need for pencils and rubbers.

Without doubt, the children get a lot of enjoyment from making things like Easter decorations that are then used for fundraising. An example of this type of enterprise was the sales stand outside the April Fool’s Day concert at the bowling club. Not only were there many items for sale, but all those who bought tickets for the musical event were given bracelets befitting the occasion.

In coordination with the Tom Sawyer centre of Caritas, we hosted an arts festival during which the young participants were encouraged to put themselves in the shoes of artists, photographers or musicians and use their new roles as a means of self-expression. Our young clients exchanged ideas for games with the youngsters from Tom Sawyer and we look forward to collaborating again.

A team from the city’s history museum guided a group of young explorers under the banner of Ruse – Knowledge, an interactive means of discovering the city’s history.

The culmination of the Spring programme was the presentation of certificates that could be inserted into personal folders.

The Book of my Success is a relatively new development that allows the children to chart personal achievements to show parents, teachers and friends and to prove that they can and do many things that bring them self-confidence, knowledge and skills.