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On the eve of the Easter holiday, young clients from Ruse complex sold Easter souvenirs they’d made themselves to shoppers in Mall – Ruse.

EQ has a policy of encouraging social entrepreneurship among the children we work with and this was a wonderful example of the resourcefulness children can demonstrate – they planned and coordinated this entire initiative to raise funds for 2014 programmes, events and summer camp.

The team of “Equilibrium is confident in the partner role and place of children and young people they work with in their right to an opinion about everything affecting them and relates to their lives and development.

Social participation of children is a fundamental principle of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the EQ team has over 10 years experience in this field and our book on the subject published in 2010 has just been re-printed as it continues to be regarded as the authoritative manual by those working in child protection in Bulgaria.

EQ continues to explore new ways of promoted youth activism as something we run in parallel to the provision of social services for the city’s most vulnerable children and families. Our programme for high school students is developing momentum and, shortly after having staged their own charity concert, students from the English language gymnasium will embark on a training programme designed to help them develop the skills to run their own community ventures. The programme is scheduled to start on April 23rd.

By this means, we help teenagers direct their natural talents and idealism in constructive action on behalf of those who are less fortunate that themselves. We build teams and provide the resources to support their initiatives.