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The summer program of the Complex for social services has become a tradition. This year its motto is “Fun summer at the Complex”.

The preparation of the program as well as its implementation is done by the team of the “Center for street children”. Children from the age of 6 to the age of 18 can take part in the program as well as clients of the complex and children from the community. The main goal of the program is to give the opportunity and sources needed to the children to spend their summer break in a healthful and fun way. The program also helps every participant to be able to learn new things through experience.

Each day until the 8th August, the Complex will host workshops providing youngsters with the opportunity to pursue different interests in an environment in which they feel free to express themselves and are encouraged to respect the views and opinions of others.

There are different kinds of organized activities for the children who are clients of the complex: help with their schoolwork; walks and games in the outdoors; sightseeing of different cultural-heritage places around the city; excursions around the city. The clubs have different themes like: “Fun workshop”, “Sport, learning about nature and outdoor games”, “Teach me how”, “Into the world of books and the art of literature”, “Music and dance” and “Fashion and Jewelry”. The club`s schedules are pre-arranged.

In July all the children from the small group home we call the Pink Househad their summer vacation at the seaside. They had an unforgettable summer with lots of sunshine, smiles, laughter and pleasant moments. The first camp was held in the village of Tjulenovo from 02.07.2017 till 08.07.2017. Six of the children were accompanied by three staff members. The second camp was from 10.07.2017 till 20.07.2017. It was held at “Life Hospital” in the town of St. Vlas where the other six children were accompanied by six of the care team and a medical person from the Pink House.

The change in the environment and the climate had a positive impact on the children. The ability to be at the seaside was an emotional experience for the children. At St. Vlas the hospital had an outdoor pool where the children had another chance to be close to the water and to feel emotionally at ease. A positive sign of relaxation was the fact that all of these vulnerable children were in good health throughout the period

In August the children from the houses “Love” and “Hope” will be camping at the park of Lipnik. This venture is supported by Ruse municipality and personally by the mayor, Plamen Stoilov. Later, they will also visit Tjulenovo, where the children from the “Centre for street children” will also visit. Lots of games and adventures are waiting for them as well as new experiences and new places to see.

At the end of the summer program there will be a closing event at the Complex in which all the children from the program will take part with a dance, a poetry reading, a handmade work, a concert etc. The most active participants will be awarded with some interesting gifts from Equilibrium.