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Implementation period: March 2017 – March 2018 – Completed

Source of funding: “Shelter for Humanity” Foundation – “Habitat”

Role of the organization: Contractor

Results achieved:

38 low-income families were supported in Ruse Municipality and Slivo Pole Municipality, raising children with interest-free loans for repairs in their homes, which would provide a better place for living for the children and their parents.

Three free trainings are provided by the “Shelter for Humanity” foundation, for the group of borrowers from Ruse and Slivo Pole municipalities. The trainings are not obligatory but are particularly effective and useful. The themes are “Financial literacy and family budgeting skills”; “Energy Efficiency or How to Effectively Use Energy Resources” and “Home Improvement Solutions – Practical Advice on Frequently Performed Residential Repairs”

Program Details:

The interest-free loans ranged from BGN 200 to BGN 1,000 and were paid in small monthly installments within one year. Contributions collected are returned to the local Housing Improvement Fund and provided to the next families in need. All families who have benefited from this program are also clients of “Equilibrium” and have received a variety of social services such as: family counseling, training, education, health care and much more. The candidates were selected by a Joint Selection Commission, composed of representatives of the “Habitat” Foundation – “Shelter for Humanity” Bulgaria and the NGO of “Equilibrium”.