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Implementation period: January 2021 – August 2021

Source of funding: Iris Programme. Program created on the initiative of the Bulgarian Donors’ Forum, the National Network for Children and the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation. It is managed by the Civic Initiatives Workshop Foundation.

Role of the organization: contractor

Specific objectives: To support a total of 355 people = 90 families, 195 children. Supporting 90 families at risk of breakdown, preventing the risk of separation from children, improving their psycho-emotional state and their awareness of coronavirus protection measures. The project will support families in need on the territory of the Municipality of Ruse and the Municipality of Slivo Pole, incl. and small settlements in the municipalities.

Leaflets will be developed and published for raising babies aged 0-1 years and for early childhood development, through which the effect of the project will reach many more families across the country.