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P1100348EQ values its personnel and we took our team to a village complex replete with swimming pool and Jacuzzi for most of Friday, 8th July, 2011 and the Saturday morning.

The village of Nisovo is renowned for its tranquil beauty and it was seen as a perfect place to get away from it all and to simply unwind in each other’s company.

Once the team had made the best of Friday afternoon’s intense sunshine and enjoyed a glorious dinner, David and Galya used PowerPoint to engage everyone in discussion of the importance of public relations and the presentation of an organizational profile. Additionally, team members were asked to consider the responsibility that accompanies public recognition and the acknowledgement of an organisation’s authoritative status in any field. The ‘branding’ of the complex does not simply involve flourishing logos at presentations and events but also the strategic use of commentary on topical issues and the dissemination of models of good working practice.

The evening wasn’t entirely serious, however. David provided his personal ‘Braveheart’ awards to those who had shouldered a lot of administrative responsibility recently. Also, tongue firmly in cheek, he invited the team to nominate from their midst a Style Guru and a Dynamic Adventurer. Recipients of awards were Milena, Stefka, Svetla, Galya, Nadia and Lyuba.

Those who forgot to pack bikinis or walking boots will be invited to join a course on strategic planning sometime in the near future.