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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn 6th and 7th July, 2012, EQ’s “ЕКсперт” programme got under way with the package Interactive Training and Alternative Therapy: Different Ways of Working with Vulnerable Children and Young People.

The programme includes 2 training modules tailored to the needs of those working in the spheres of social services sphere and education (formal and informal).

The programme provides access to the extensive experience of EQ experts whose work has been acknowledged nationally and internationally as best practice.

The first trainees came from Silistra – psychologists and social workers from the Center for Social Support and Crisis Center for Victims of Domestic Violence and Traffic of People. Both facilities are managed by the Women’s Association ‘Ekaterina Karavelova’.

The July training (module 1) provided brief introductions to a range of approaches that genuinely intrigued the participants according to their feedback. Methods such as aromatherapy, puppet therapy, colour and nature therapy provide a rich repertoire for working with vulnerable children and young people and our guests from Silistra look forward to the more intensive practical sessions scheduled for September and October.

Other training packages and details of the “ЕКспрет” programme are available at this link