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EQ hosted an exhibition in cooperation with the European Cultural Centre on the theme of ‘The White and Red Cords that unite all Cultures’.

During a seminar, Equilibrium’s chairman had shared a joke with schoolchildren and announced that Britain has martenitsi just like Bulgaria. This photo, taken in England, was shown in proof. The idea grew and resulted in an entire exhibition of images and texts that extended from 28th February until 2nd March, 2008. This meant that the exhibition spanned Baba Marta day – the day of the martenitsa.

The parallels between ancient Bulgarian practice and Celtic ritual preserved in Britain and Ireland are striking. Many ancient civilizations saw symbolism in the pairing or red and white. Today, tribal societies continue the practice. The colour symbolism is found in established religious practice and, indeed, it has evolved to become part of contemporary popular culture (although we may not always recognize this). The exhibition explores the entire theme from ancient times to the modern day. It celebrates Bulgaria’s retention of one of mankind’s most powerful symbols that can be argued to represent humanity itself – flesh and blood.