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  • Exhibition ‘The Red and White Threads that Bind Us Together’ – Read more and See more
  • Nativity play – Read more
  • During his visit to Bulgaria, philanthropist Doug Scott explained how his Foundation Action Nepal changes the lives of children and young people in Nepal – Read more
  • Learning through reflection with the positive psychologist, Professor Tony Ghaye – Read more
  • Exchanging experiences with peers from Moldova, Ukraine and Belgium

Read more about Moldovan Delegations:


EQ has strong links with Moldova and during 2015 we hosted a visit by a group from the country’s capital, Chisinau. The visit was facilities by colleagues and friends from the organisation CCF-Moldova and representatives were drawn from the city’s child protection system.

During the course of the three-day working visit, the delegates visited an innovative new facility in Gabrovo offering integrated social and healthcare services for mothers and babies. The process of deinstitutionalization is in progress in both Moldova… Continue reading

30.05.20152Since July, 2013 an Equilibrium team supported administratively by Open society Club – Ruse and given technical support by Professor Tony Ghaye from the UK and Dr. Vesselina  Bossilkova from Bulgaria has been engaged with the question of how to improve the evaluation of services for children and families.

The project was formally named External / Self -evaluation in Childcare & Family-Support Services as a Means of Capacity-building and was supported by generous funding provided by the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation… Continue reading

plakat_bila_cherveno_800x1089A number of years ago, Equilibrium’s chairman, David Bisset, was browsing through a book by the Scottish journalist and broadcaster, Cameron McNeish.

He gave accounts of famous trekking routes in the Scottish mountains replete with folklore and local legend. One such account provided detail of a complex mélange of pagan and Christian practice associated with a natural spring where the water was believed to have magical / curative properties. Numerous details were identical to rituals associated with Sveshtari in Bulgaria.… Continue reading

Annemarie Hoogewys, Patricia Van Ham and Griet Van de Velde from the University of Ghent, Belgium visited the Complex for Social Services for Children and Families.

The main interest of Belgian academics was the provision of perinatal care to women from marginalized and disadvantaged communities. They were aware of the experience of working with this particular target group accumulated by the personnel at the complex over a period of seven years. What were the keys to success?

This interest was… Continue reading

moldova_1In support of its British partner organization, ‘Hope and Homes for Children’ (HHC), UK and their implementing partner in Moldova ‘Children, Communities, Families’ (CCF), Equilibrium helped arrange a study visit for a group from Moldova designed to show current best practice in social and educational support and integration of children with special educational needs in the mainstream kindergartens and schools – a process in which EQ has long-term involvement.

The group comprised 16 people from 4 counties – senior representatives… Continue reading

P1100148Makariv is a town in Kiev Oblast (province) of Ukraine. The population is just over 12,000 and this includes a sizeable Jewish community.

The town is the centre of Hasidic Makarov dynasy. Equilibrium’s UK partner, Hope and Homes for Children, has been supporting the development of a new centre of social support in the town and Equilibrium was asked to provide direct input to the training programme. Thus, Nadedja Petrova, a psychologist from the Ruse complex accompanied Galya Bisset in… Continue reading

In 2008, Equilibrium hosted a study visit to Bulgaria for personnel of CCF-Moldova (see Archive) and our organisations have kept in touch primarily through providing technical support to one another and exchanging literature.

This year’s visit – financially supported by UNICEF Moldova – was significantly more ambitious. Both Moldova and Bulgaria have embarked on deinstitutionalization programmes that involve cooperation between NGOs and government at municipal, regional and national level. EQ plays a leading role in the Bulgarian process while CCF… Continue reading

bg_moldovanDuring September 2008, EQ played host to a group of visitors to Bulgaria representing the operational presence of “Hope and Homes for Children” (HHC), an UK registered charity, in Moldova and Transnistria. During their visit, the delegates were to visit three facilities representative of local best practice in child care – the Ruse and Shoumen complexes for social services for families and children and the Karin Dom Foundation in Varna.

While visiting the Ruse centre accompanied by Dessislava Encheva (its… Continue reading

EQ hosted an exhibition in cooperation with the European Cultural Centre on the theme of ‘The White and Red Cords that unite all Cultures’.

During a seminar, Equilibrium’s chairman had shared a joke with schoolchildren and announced that Britain has martenitsi just like Bulgaria. This photo, taken in England, was shown in proof. The idea grew and resulted in an entire exhibition of images and texts that extended from 28th February until 2nd March, 2008. This meant that the exhibition… Continue reading