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Didi&guestsOn May 14, 2010 a group of 13 professionals from the centre for public support in Novi Pazar, visited the complex for social services for children and families in Rousse.

The service provider in Novi Pazar is the association – SOS women and children victims of violence, whose primary purpose is to create conditions for easing the lifes of families (formal and informal) who get into difficulties (crisis situation or risk).

Our guests wanted to know how we work in Rousse and they were especially interested in how we record individual cases, the internal procedures and policies established by the service, interactive sessions with groups of children at the Complex, and campaigning.

We introduced our foster care campaign – the goals, the methods, specific activities and the partners. We actually improvised a meeting on foster care in which our colleagues took part and which they found really useful.

At the end of the day Diana Georgieva, the director of the small group home, welcomed the group in the Pink House, and the guests walked around the sensory garden, while Pepi proudly showed off his vegetable beds. “This place brings you love! The house is full of it”, said one of the guests when they were leaving.