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On 30th November, Ani Popova from Ruse University ‘Angel Kunchev’ visited the social services complex accompanied by two representatives of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest – University Centre, Pitešti, Romania – Doctors Diana Radu and Lucia Neagoe. The visit was hosted by Galina and David Bisset.

Prior to touring the facility together, the group chatted extensively about the provision of services for children and families in both Bulgaria and Romania. It was noteworthy that the Romanian visitors had… Continue reading

On the Day of the Christian Family, Protopriest Iskren Kazakov performed a water blessing for health at the “Pink House”, our small-group home for Children and Youth.

The celebration was also attended by  guests – students from the University of Ruse, specialty “Preschool and Primary School Pedagogy”, led by their English teacher Milena Popova. Mrs. Popova is a friend of the children from the “Pink House” and is the president of Soroptimist International Union Bulgaria.

After the celebration in… Continue reading

The ninth of November was a special day for the disabled young people from the Family Type Accommodation Centre for Children and Young People with Disabilities “The Pink House” run by Equilibrium. Everyone had been preparing for this day for a long time.

Nine young people from the house received God’s blessing at their holy baptism from His Eminence, Metropolitan Bishop of Ruse and Iconoslav Georgiev.

Their godparents Plamen Velikov, Svetlana Velikova, Iskren Veselinov, Galina Valcheva, Rumyana Vassileva, Maria Indzheva,… Continue reading

On 12.10.2023 at a special ceremony “Equilibrium” won the third prize from the NGO portal for the most read article in 2022, namely the article about the opening of the innovative playground in the “Brothers Grimm” kindergarten in Sofia. The playground was designed by Equilibrium in cooperation with Via College – , Aaarhus, Denmark. We initiated the modernization of Bulgarian early childhood education “Reform of Early Childhood Education in Eastern Europe – Bulgaria”. Two kindergartens – “Snezhanka” – Ruse and… Continue reading

Today in “The Pink House” we were visited by Mrs. Elena Petkova, deputy director and art teacher at “Ivan Vazov” Primary School, Ruse. On her initiative, the 4th grade pupils have painted pictures, which they give to our children and young people to decorate their rooms and bring more warmth and coziness in the whole house.

Thank you to the students of the 4th a class of “Ivan Vazov” for their commitment and desire to do… Continue reading

The Complex for Social Support for Children and Families (CSSCF) in Ruse, managed by Equilibrium, has reached its 18th birthday!

18 years of confidence that children feel best and loved in their own families.

18 years of always believing for the best and having a great love for children!

Behind it all are professionals who with heart and soul make childhood happier, parents more confident and the future better!

On 03.10.2023 the three teams – the Community… Continue reading

The Parents’ Self-Help Group formed 1 year ago at the Daycare Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities, managed by Equilibrium, is now gaining strength.

We have always been very keen to create a takaav for parents of children with disabilities attending the services at the Day Centre “Sunny”, because parent groups are a place for sharing, questions, discussions, meetings with specialists, exchange of experience and useful information and most of all for mutual help. During the meetings, sensitivity and… Continue reading

Yesterday, 14.09.2023, the children of the United Children’s Services “Sunshine” celebrated their 7th birthday from the management of Equilibrium under the theme “Sunny in the first grade!” 

At the celebration, our guests were firefighters from the second brigade of the Ruse Fire Brigade, who on the occasion of the firefighter’s day showed the children the fire truck and gave them the opportunity to climb into the car and handle all the equipment. Games and treats were organized… Continue reading

At the invitation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Mrs. Ivanka Shalapatova, Equilibrium is a member of the central expert advisory unit to the newly established Council to support the process of removal of the children placed in the last 4 homes for medical and social care in the country (in Stara Zagora, Kardzhali, Pleven and Varna) and ending the entrance to them. The main objective of the Council is to identify the difficulties in completing the process… Continue reading

The final surprises at the end of the summer holidays continue.

On 13.09., the children from the Complex for Social Services visited the Zoo Center in the town of. Dobrich, with 350 most varied, different, rare, endangered or rescued animals. After the tour of the zoo, they visited the rope park, which was full of laughter, fun and games. We are grateful for the happines

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