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Equilibrium Association is a member of the newly formed Permanent Expert Working Group (PEWG) by order of the MLSP RD-02-55/12.04.2023, which held its first meeting on 16.05.2023. The Working Group is tasked with developing the first two-year operational plan for the implementation of the Action Plan, in line with Council Recommendation (EU) 2021/2024 on the establishment of a European Child Guarantee, as well as developing bi-annual reports on the progress and results of the implementation of the planned measures and… Continue reading

Mentoring in Storytelling, Self-Advocacy and Community Activism, in the context of Bulgarian social services

In the context of our project – Voices of Adversity- we took a very particular approach to the mentoring of representatives of vulnerable groups to encourage them to tell us their personal stories and to think about advocating for themselves and others like them.

Our approach was designed to take account of the particular circumstances that prevail in the delivery of social services in Bulgaria and… Continue reading

The ReFaB project aims to provide evidence-based (developed through rigorous academic research) resources for experts, policy-makers, social workers and foster parents to contribute to the development of foster care for children with disabilities.

Outputs from this project you can read, in addition to this report, include:

  1. Easy-to-read infographics
  2. An accessible findings video
  3. A podcast episode on the topic of care for children with disabilities in Bulgaria
  4. A recorded webinar, and
  5. An animation about the role of foster families in… Continue reading

On 11th May, Equilibrium with the assistance of the Municipality of Ruse and Anne Todorov organized a training on “Parenting children with developmental trauma, physical disabilities, cognitive delays and confusing behavior” with lecturer Darren Gagnon from the USA.

The training was attended by 40 people – foster parents, adoptive parents for whom this topic is extremely important, as well as social workers and psychologists from social services and institutions from Ruse and Byala.

The topic is always… Continue reading

On the 5th of May some of the young clients from the daycare centre took part in a sports celebration. Divided into three teams, each with 4 players, the children took part in the “Sporting together” tournament organized by the Ruse Municipality on the occasion of the city’s festival day. The children performed excellently in all disciplines, winning the first places and adding three golden cups to the showcase at the centre. Parents were happy with their children’s… Continue reading

In August 2021, the Municipality of Ruse launched the project “Integrated measures for social and educational inclusion of vulnerable groups on the territory of Ruse Municipality” in partnership with Equilibrium, several kindergartens, Kanev University Hospital, Centre Dynamics Association, Social Capital Development Association, etc.

Within the project the following activities were conducted during 2022:

Ø ACTIVITY 1 – Activating economically inactive persons

The purpose of the activity is to activate and include the labor market of… Continue reading

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