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Early Childhood

During April, David and Anna Bisset participated in a conference in Edinburgh University entitled “The Revolution of Early Childhood Practice”. Anna is studying to become an occupational therapist. If the new project is to have a significant impact, it is important to influence young people like Anna,

They also spent two days working closely with the team at Cowgate Under  5s’ Centre in Edinburgh. The centre is considered to be one of Europe’s leading kindergartens using methodology based on the…


Equilibrium held a conference dedicated to early childhood on 20 January 21, 2017 in the Regional History Museum in Ruse.

David Bisset, the chairman of the organization, presented the project which is being implemented in Ruse with the financial support of the Velux Foundations.

With the help of some intriguing stories he outlined the main goals Equilibrium sets by implementing this project: the creation of a facility where a team of experts will work directly with children and families…


youtube-com_watchAs a benefactor of the Velux Foundations, Equilibrium participated in an event described as a “cluster” conference that brought together those Bulgarian organizations whose ambitious projects are supported by the Danish organization.

Velux board member Jens-jergen Pedersen explained that the event was designed to bring organizations together, to provoke future cooperation and to reveal the impact of their work.

Equilibrium was represented by David Bisset and Fani Merakchiyska the coordinator of our project that will lead to the creation of…