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Ruse Complex News

December 20, 2020 turned out to be one of the happiest days in this very different and bizarre year for the children from the centre for street children at the complex for social services for children and families. Strictly observing the precautions, with masks on their faces, Snow White and the dwarves greeted the  children and their parents, who had no idea what the purpose of the meeting was and what would happen, namely – handing out their Xmas…


Together with the social services complex, the Pink House went through a severe ordeal in 2020, but on Christmas Eve everyone is healthy and in a Christmas mood.

Attracted by the lights of the Christmas tree, and perhaps by the goodies on the table (as well as by the impatience of the children), Santa Claus had dropped in and handed out the long-awaited Christmas presents to everyone.

There was a roar of sounds, lights, dances and cheers as the…


The past year has not been easy for many. People lost their health, loved ones, jobs, security. Many families, broken by the mounting calamities, sank into poverty, not only in the material sense, but also in the sense that involves the  breaking of the spirit.

Patience, compassion, empathy and support are among the treasures provided by the centre for social support situated at the Ruse complex for social services for children and families and managed by Equilibrium. Each…


The centre for street children managed by Equilibrium applies non-standard approaches to provide adequate support for each child

New approaches, which comply with anti-epidemic requirements and, at the same time, meet the special needs of vulnerable children are being used at the centre for street children managed by Equilibrium. The coordinated measures have been introduced with extraordinary speed so as to preserve the results of the previous work done with the children affected, to guarantee their participation in online education…


Dear donors, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the noble gesture to us, for the attention and empathy, for the fate in children and young people with disabilities in the Center of a Family-Type Accommodation for Children and Youth with Disabilities “Pink House”. With the ergometer they will be able to improve their motor development and strengthen their general physical condition, and witg the dryer, which has a large capacity and many functions, their clothes will…


At the end of the summer, just before the school year, 18 disadvantaged young people from Bulgaria took part in a youth exchange held in the Predeal area, Romania. The exchange took place under a project of the Concordia Bulgaria Foundation, with which Equilibrium has been a partner for years.

The two young people travelled from Ruse were past clients of the complex for social services. Work with them has been completed successfully and now, accompanied by a senior social…


On September 13, 2020, the yard of the Complex for social services for children and families was transformed in an arena for talented children who use social services at the centre for street children (at the complex for social services). The occasion was announced in advance – farewell to the strangest and most different summer!

To start, the participants – the children and their parents, greeted each other and shared their favourite activities.

This was followed by a presentation of…


The team of the Center for Street Children (CRDU) at the Complex for Social Services for

Children and Families joined the national campaign “To be a father”, accepting the challenge

of the Parents Association titled “The connection is important”, celebrating on 21.06. 2020

International Father’s Day.

In compliance with the anti-epidemic measures, a special holiday dedicated to fatherhood and

parental care was prepared for the users of the social service – children, mothers and fathers.

From the very beginning, the…


An online, group session was held for the children from the Centre for Street Children which turned into a mini celebration. The participants greeted each other with songs, poems and good wishes, together solved an interesting crossword puzzle and enjoyed a variety of games..

A drawing competition was also organized on the topic: “My childhood”. Each child received gifts for the holiday – treats, colouring  pads and reading books as well as balloons. And…


Today, the Equilibrium Family Centre hosted the launch of the latest Equilibrium publication dedicated to the children of Mogilino, housed just over 10 years ago in the first family-type centre in the country.

The author of the book – Nadezhda Petrova, long-time leader of the so-called.  Pink House related its history. It’s home to 12 severely disabled children and Nadia reported tremendous progress, and above all the gentle care provided by the…