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Ruse Complex News

On the 20th of December, children and parents, clients of the Social Complex in Ruse, were eagerly waiting for an old man to arrive. But he was delaying, which brought some doubts amongst the children – did he had some troubles? Or did he decide not to come this year? … The GPS tracked his sled and it became clear that he was approaching and would soon be with us. Our host offered the kids to play while waiting…


The Day of National Leaders was celebrated at the “Children from the Street” Center at the Social Services Complex. A series of educational activities were prepared for the children.

Through a multimedia presentation and a following discussion, they recalled and learned new things about the National Leaders of Bulgaria. Everyone was eager to learn and had interesting following questions. With lots of desire, the children prepared theme boards in groups – “Revolutionary Leaders” and “Leaders – Book writers”. There were…


The children using the social services at the Children’s Street Center and the Children’s Rights Center at the Social Complex of Ruse, celebrated Halloween, also known as “The Night Before All Saints.”

The date and time of the ward was clear and the children transformed into terrible creatures were expecting the party impatiently. At first they all became entangled in a spider’s web and introducing themselves, explaining what creatures are they and what powers they possess. In an interesting and…


On the 03rd of October 2018 children, parents and the team of “Equilibrium” celebrated the 13th birthday of the Complex for Social Services for Children and Families in Ruse.

At the beginning of the party, the story of the complex was told – how it emerged and the road that it “walked” in support of families, children and young people. A salute to all the guests was made by Mrs. Svetla Mejri, Director of the Complex. She urged the…


When your mother is already a star in the sky

The Story of Slavi

Do you ever think about what happens to children when their mothers become stars in the sky? To tell you the truth, life seems to stop suddenly and nothing is the same.

I am Slavi and my mother is already a star in the sky. I have no idea how long it has been, but since she is gone, only bad things happen to me. That…


Thanks to a permanent donor of the “Equilibrium” Association, that supports the children of the Family Type Center for Children and Young People with Disabilities, they have experienced amazing emotions with the “Balkanski” circus in Ruse.

The children enjoyed the wonderful performance of the circus, but they also received a pleasant surprise – they personally met Mr. Nikolay Balkanski, who paid special attention to them and announced them as official guests.

The team of “Equilibrium” would like to express their…


The children and youngsters from the Family Type Center for Children and Young People with Disabilities – the “Pink House” have six new beds.

It is all thanks to the volunteer initiative of Victoria Marinova and the donations that she brought from the provider of telecommunication services “Networks Bulgaria” as well as from additional donations of citizens.

The beds are made and set by the furniture company “Gold – Apollo” – Ruse.

Children and young people in the social service…


On the first of June, children using the social services of the Complex managed by “Equilibrium” took part in a festival organized by the Center for Civil Support and the municipality of “Dve Mogili” – “Orlova chuka singing and dancing, different but together”, which is held for the second consecutive year.

For this day, the children began their preparations from the beginning of May – they made a selection of songs, poems and dances with which to participate. The desire…


Children from the German High School in Ruse with a charitable donation for children at risk

Students from “Friedrich Schiller” German Language School, Ruse initiated a charity campaign to raise clothes and other items for children their age, who are in a more vulnerable social position. From 19th to 26th of April, the students collected and sorted preserved clothes and items to donate for the children, with which the Social Services Complex in Ruse works. The complex has been…


“Equilibrium” joined “Stork Day” of the Bulgarian Association Adopted and Adopters

For eight years in the Complex for Social Services for Children and Families in Ruse, there is a parent group of adopters and future adoptive parents, part of which is the children’s holiday “Friends of adoption”. Its mission is to encourage parents not to create a secret of adoption and to talk openly with their children; about their origins and history and to join the cause and people who…