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Ruse Complex News

The “Equilibrium” Association team would like to express their sincere thanks to the wonderful students and their teachers and psychologists from SOUEE “St. Constantine-Cyril the Philosopher” and „Friedrich Schiller German Language School” who organized a Christmas campaign for collecting gifts for a second consecutive year for children with disabilities from the Social Services Complex.

From December 6th to December 20th, they prepared Christmas presents from their used but preserved items (toys, books, clothes, shoes, and other things that could be…


In October, 10 children attending social services at the Children’s Center and Social Services for Children and Families together with students from two schools in the city participated in a one-day educational trips on the project of Tourist Society “Prista”. The project`s name is “Dunav – the blue school”. The aim of the trips was to get acquainted with the biodiversity of wetlands, the conservation of endangered plants and animal species.

On October 14th 2017 the children, together with their…


On the 31st of October 2017, in the afternoon, the gym of the Social Services Complex, following an old tradition, was filled with spirits, witches, bats and other terrifying creatures (children of different ages, users of the Center for Work with Children on the Street, the Center for Public Support and Children’s Rights Center).

Everyone had come to celebrate Halloween, but to their surprise, “Evil” came to them. It rose from the underworld of darkness, darkness and horror and…


13th Birthday of “Equilibrium” – always creative, innovative and truthful with care to the children and their families!

12th Birthday of the Complex for Social Services in Ruse! As always full of energy and life!

Full of enthusiasm for the future! Happy celebrations days, dear colleagues, thank you for your devotion, patience and commitment! We wish for courage and creativity to all of us!

We will continue to support children, youngsters and their parents on the path to…


And finally came the end of summer! The children from the CSC and their facilitators marked the end of the holiday with lots of dances, songs and games.

The summer programme was full of many interesting activities and entertainment. Our young friends took part in different workshops, enriching themselves with new knowledge and skills. The children demonstrated the essence of their talents during the celebrations. They all enjoyed their performances and appreciated the artworks they made in the workshops and…


A lot of joy and fun was provided by the team of “Equilibrium” to the children who participated in the eighth “Friends of Adoption” celebration in the Complex for Social Services for Children and Families – Ruse.

This was the first initiative of the Information Week of Adoption (24.09.17 to 28.09.17), which is held for the fourth year at the initiative of the Bulgarian Association of Adopted and Adoptive Persons.

All children were congratulated by the director of the Social…


On 11th August, 2017 the children from the Centre for street children and their supervisors visited the town of Dve mogili and Orlova chuka cave. They participated in the youths festival “Orlova chuka sings and dances – different but united”. The festival is organized by EQ’s good partners – the Centre for social support, Dve mogili and Dve mogili Municipality.

The children from the complex were fascinated by the beauty and greatness of the cave and listened in astonishment…


The playgroup for children and parents organized by Equilibrium for some years now in the Roma neighbourhood of Selemetya becomes more and more popular and attracts more and more people from the community.

Over 20 children and their parents take active part in the playgroup twice a month. Guided by the  Equilibrium team, children and parents learn, sing, play and create new reality in the neighbourhood. The age range for children is 0 – 11 years.

The mothers created…


Unconventional as always, the team at the Ruse complex hosted an outdoor party to celebrate the international day of the child on Friday, 2nd June and not the first day of the month which is a day on which all those working with children have very busy schedules (as do many of the children).

The programme was designed to be flexible. The children we work with like to perform whether it’s singing, dancing or reciting poetry. It allows them…


The children from the centre for street children (part of the complex for social services) made handcrafted goods. By selling them at the Easter charity market they raised 349lv. Activities were divided between 2 locations – Mall Ruse and the municipal market.  

The children were on-hand to sell their own crafts and their participation charmed a lot of people. They were very proud with their work throughout the month and explained to everyone that the money would help…